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Trying to learn this wiki

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Welcome and Getting Started

Hi Cwurtz, first, welcome to the Joomla! Community. Glad to have your help and input!

I saw your change on Absolute Basics of How a Component Functions. Moved the comment to the Discussion page, but I encourage you to just correct the page with what should be done. Some of this page is left over and not updated from 1.5 methods. This is the reason for the review tag. We are working hard trying to improve the content/structure, so if you see something, instructions, code, etc... tried something, code, instructions, etc... and it isn't right, please feel free to go ahead and correct it.

We need the community more involved with our documentation and thank you for taking an interest! If you're really unsure, just post on a talk page. Someone will answer the post. Thanks! Tom Hutchison (talk) 10:56, 14 December 2013 (CST)